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Fla. Governor Supports In-State Tuition Proposal

Despite having one of the largest Hispanic populations in the country, Florida legislators have struggled for years to drum up support for a measure granting in-state tuition to undocumented immigrant college students.

Now the proposal is beginning to look more within reach. Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, expressed support for the measure for the measure this week.

The Miami Herald reports that while Scott has previously taken a tough on immigration stance, he also is trying to reach out to Hispanic voters as he campaigns for reelection.

Republican governors Rick Perry of Texas and Chris Christie of New Jersey have also supported in-state tuition measures in their states.

However, the Florida state Senate bill in support of the change has not even yet been scheduled for a hearing.

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, also a Republican, said he was encouraged by Scott’s support of the proposal.

“The governor has shown great compassion by working to prevent children from being punished for the mistakes of their parents,” he told the Herald. “I appreciate his support and look forward to working with him.”