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A blog about issues affecting postsecondary education.

A blog about issues affecting postsecondary education.

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Second Presidential Debate: College Student Quizzes Candidates on His Future Prospects

There was indeed more attention paid to education during Tuesday’s presidential debate — a college student concerned about his own future snagged the very first question. Jeremy Epstein, who attends Adelphi University, later told a local NBC News affiliate that he was no longer undecided, although he doesn’t make clear who is getting his vote.

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Free Speech vs. Hate Speech: Where Should the University of California Draw the Line?

A controversy roiling the University of California highlights a familiar tension in higher education: What is the best way to encourage an open exchange of ideas on campus without fostering an environment that leads to harassment and discrimination?

In response to concerns about incidents of discrimination on the campuses in its system, a UC fact-finding team has issued a report recommending bans on hate speech and campus-backed protests against Israel as a means of curbing anti-Semitism.

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Can Community Colleges Get Better?

More than ever, community colleges are being seen as key to getting millions of Americans the education they need to thrive. Yet while many students enter community colleges for job training that does not culminate in a degree, many more intend to get a degree but fall short. What can change?

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Making Sure the College Completion Numbers Add Up

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education released an action plan that would revise how colleges and universities are evaluated, with graduation rates to now reflect students who attend part-time, as well as those who are returning to school.

The new formula is particularly important for community colleges, which have long complained that two significant segments of their student populations were being underreported. And a new web tool launching today from the College Board could offer more perspective on how community colleges are performing.

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When it Comes to Humor, Three College Campuses Aren’t Laughing

Here’s a tip for college journalists contemplating wading into the murky waters of satire: There pretty much isn’t anything funny about Hitler.

The gray zone between edgy humor and offensive language can be tough to navigate, even for experienced writers. In recent weeks, students from Boston University, the University of Missouri, and Rutgers University have found themselves under fire for satirical editions of their campus publications.

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Campus Coverage Project: College Journos Gather at Arizona State

I’m in Phoenix for the next few days at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. EWA is helping out with IRE’s (Investigative Reporters and Editors) third annual Campus Coverage Project conference. Roughly 75 of the nation’s top college journalists were selected to spend four days learning the latest techniques and tips for writing investigative stories.

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A New Year: What’s Ahead For Education

Here were are in January, and I’m still trying to figure out what happened to October. The fall sped by as I adjusted to a new city and a new job. This winter isn’t going much slower.

For many people, myself included, 2011 was a year of intense highs and lows. In the education world, there is much unfinished business that carried over from the old year to the new. We still don’t know what’s going to replace No Child Left Behind. School districts nationwide are dealing with massive budget shortfalls that could result in layoffs and cuts to programs and services.