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What Do Reporters Need To Know About STEM?

Looking for one of the more pressing topics on the education beat right now?

It’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics — known collectively as “STEM.” The acronym has become an essential component to conversations about the new Common Core State Standards, the forthcoming Next Generation Science Standards (which are now open for public feedback), and concerns about the nation’s ability to produce students ready to compete globally.

EWA will be tackling these issues inside and out at our one-day seminar for journalists on STEM. “Under the Microscope: Examining STEM Education” will be held Friday, Feb. 8 at the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus. There’s a limited number of travel scholarships available, so be sure to apply by Jan. 19.

In the meantime, for more on these issues, visit EdMedia Commons’ STEM Express for a weekly roundup of the latest news. If you’re a journalist on deadline, the new News Topics online resource is a fantastic place to start your reporting on STEM and a wealth of other topics. Check it out today!

Have a question, comment or concern for the Educated Reporter? Email EWA public editor Emily Richmond at Follow her on Twitter: @EWAEmily.


Have a question, comment or concern for the Educated Reporter? Contact Emily Richmond. Follow her on Twitter @EWAEmily.

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