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SXSWedu: Education Ideas ‘Big and Bright’ in Austin

I’m in Austin for the next few days at the SXSWedu conference, which will bring together big thinkers, educators, and entrepreneurs to talk about latest philosophies, approaches, and technology reshaping the business of schooling. I’ve packed my boots, my trendy glasses, and plenty of extra notebooks that I fully expect to fill up with Big Ideas. 

On Tuesday at 3 p.m., EWA is hosting the panel Privacy and Public Good: Reporting on Student Data. We’ll look at the issue through the lens of education journalism: How have new federal regulations surrounding privacy changed the student data landscape? Can exceptions be carved out for journalists as well as researchers when it comes to access? What are some examples of reporters making use of student data to better inform the public? And how should the media address concerns that some information sharing goes too far? 

Our moderator will be Politico’s Stephanie Simon, and each of the three presenters bring a unique perspective to the conversation: Khaliah Barnes of the Electronic Privacy Information Center; Frank LoMonte of the Student Press Law Center; and Alexander Richards, a member of the Chicago Tribune’s team which won EWA’s  grand prize last spring for a data project examining truancy and absenteeism. 

If you’re headed to SXSWedu as well, here are few of the panels I’ve got bookmarked so far: 

I’ll be tweeting from Austin, and you call follow me at @EWAEmily. We’ll be sure to post the podcast of our SXSWedu session as soon as it becomes available. 


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