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Stay Ahead of the Curve With EWA Webinars

In case you missed it, the recording is now available for our webinar on the approaching 60th anniversary of  Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision which outlawed segregation in the nation’s public schools. You can access the full recording, and download the content provided by our superb presenters — Sarah Garland of The Hechinger Report and Pro Publica’s Nikole Hannah-Jones — here

And if you’re on the higher education beat, I’d encourage you to check out our recent webinar “How Much Does College Really Cost?” which introduces the new Tuition Tracker,  a joint project of EWA, The Hechinger Report, and The Dallas Morning News. The Tuition Tracker is a new online tool which allows users to figure out how much tuition has increased over the past four years at more than 3,000 colleges and universities nationwide. The figures are broken out by the income levels of a student’s family. 

And if you’re looking for detailed background, research, and the latest coverage on a wealth of topics, from demographics and diversity to college access and admissions, EWA’s Topics Pages have you covered. 



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