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State of the Union: Play EWA Buzzword Bingo

By popular demand, we’ll be playing EWA Buzzword Bingo tonight on Twitter during President Obama’s State of the Union address. Look for the hashtag #EWABingo.

You are invited to play along with the online versionof the game (click the box when you hear the buzzword) or download multiple cards for your SOTU-watching party. 

The bingo card was put together with input from EWA members working the education beat at the local, state and national levels. An informal survey of EWA members yielded consensus that while it’s likely the president will mention the need for higher standards, he won’t use the phrase “Common Core.” (More on that here.

Higher education is likely to get more of the spotlight this year, given the recent announcement of the White House’s proposal to make the first two years of community college free to most students. 




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