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Seminar for Reporters: This Is Not a Test

Amid the recent pushback against perceived over-testing of students, questions are being asked about how many tests schools should require and whether new measures being implemented will live up to the promise of providing more sophisticated achievement data. At the same time, there are new demands for accountability at the local, state, and national level — all of which require some form of quantifiable achievement data

On Nov. 18-19, EWA will host a journalists-only seminar at  Stanford University  discuss the changing assessment landscape. Among the questions we’ll tackle:

  • How can assessments get beyond rote memorization and capture the skills most valued in college and work?
  • Can they judge how well students work together and communicate their ideas? Can tests measure critical thinking and creativity?
  • Will tests tied to the Common Core State Standards provide a richer picture of how students stack up?

We’re offering travel scholarships to qualified reporters, but space is limited. I encourage you to submit your application today



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