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Presidential Debate: Play EWA Buzzwords Bingo!

Flickr/Edwin Torres

Will education get more than a passing reference in tonight’s first presidential debate? We shall see. But with the help of EWA members, we’ve assembled a digital bingo card of popular education buzzwords and phrases you may hear. 

Use the digital card to play along on Twitter using the #EWABingo hashtag. If you are planning a debate-watching party — and who isn’t? — you can also print out multiple cards.

Education typically gets short shrift in debates. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s agenda includes making college more affordable, rebuilding schools, and expanding early childhood education. And she’s promised that teachers will have a seat at the policy table. Republican nominee Donald Trump has provided far fewer details on education so far, but recently unveiled plans to expand school choice and federally subsidized child care.

Michael Stratford of Politico took a crack at summing up where both candidates stand.  You can also check out Education Week’s comparison chart of their positions on education. And Andrew Ujifusa of Ed Week has a smart take on what the research says about the merits of cramming for a debate – or any big test, for that matter.