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National Seminar: EWA in Chicago

EWA's 68th National Seminar gets underway in the Windy City, hosted by the University of Chicago.  (EWA/Emily Richmond)

EWA’s 68th National Seminar kicks off today in Chicago, and it’s going to be a fantastic three days of discussions, workshops, and site visits. The theme this year is Costs and Benefits: The Economics of Education. Be sure to keep tabs on all the action via the #EWA15 hashtag on Twitter.

Some of the education journalists joining us for this year’s seminar will also be guest blogging for The Educated Reporter, and in the coming weeks we’ll also have podcasts and videos to share. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a good read, you can start with some new education titles from authors we’ll be featuring in Chicago:

  • American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know, by Goldie Blumenstyck. A veteran journalist and senior writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Blumenstyck is a well-known voice on the college beat. 
  • The Cage-Busting Teacher by Frederick “Rick” Hess of the American Enterprise Institute. This is an issue about which Hess is passionate, and it’s the latest in his “Cage-Busting” series. 
  • Presidents, Congress, and the Public Schools: The Politics of Education Reform by Jack Jennings, is a particularly timely title given the 50th anniversary of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. As Congress wrangles the latest iteration, Jennings — who founded the Center on Education Policy and led it for 17 years — provides a lucid history as well as a framework for future action. 
  • Pathways to Success Through Identity Based Motivation, by Daphna Oyserman. We talk a lot these days about students needing “grit” but Oyserman, a professor of psychology at USC, explains how outcomes for individual students can be positively influenced by showing them that the future is closer than they might imagine, and that academic effort and planning makes a difference. I had a chance to interview Dr. Oyserman for a recent piece on a rural high school in Pittsfield, N.H. that is using “student-centered learning” to turnaround achievement. You can read it here
  • The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter, by USA Today education reporter Greg Toppo. An award-winning veteran journalist (and member of EWA’s board of directors) Toppo delves into the ways that gaming is changing learning, tapping students’ creativity, and producing some remarkable academic results.