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Louisiana Moves Closer to Dropping Common Core

Gov. Bobby Jindal (By Gage Skidmore (Flickr: Bobby Jindal, via Wikimedia)

Will Louisiana be the fourth state to bow out of the Common Core State Standards? The state’s governor indicated today in a speech that he intends to do just that, but other state leaders are pushing back. The Times-Picayune has the story on what Gov. Bobby Jindal said and the subsequent fallout.

Three states that previously committed to using the Common Core – a set of education guidelines in math and English for grades K to 12 that were originally adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia  – have ditched the standards in recent months, yielding to public concerns they were infringing on the local control of schools. Indiana was the first to drop the standards, followed by South Carolina and Oklahoma. 

The standards were designed by a multistate network of governors, state education leaders and scholars, with significant backing by philanthropic groups, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. While the standards were met with little resistance at first, a coalition of conservative groups and left-leaning teacher and parent groups have started to challenge the use of the standards.

The Obama administration did not fund the Common Core standards, but has provided incentives for states to adopt “college and career-ready” standards – like the Common Core – to receive various competitive federal grants. Recent public opinion polls show mixed support for the Common Core standards among conservatives, according to The Wall Street Journal. A poll in April by Gallup found that 35 percent of public school parents have a positive impression of the standards while 25 percent did not. 

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