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Journalists-Only Seminar on Teachers: Apply For Your Scholarship Today

We’re now accepting applications for our upcoming seminar: The Push to Upgrade the Teaching Profession: What Reporters Need to Know. The two-day event will be held Oct. 20-21 in Detroit.

Here’s the 411 (you can also take a look at the full agenda):  

We’ll focus on a range of hard-fought changes under way that together are rewriting the rules for the nation’s largest  profession. What are the roots of today’s controversies over teacher training, tenure, evaluation and pay? In a pivotal year in the push for new standards and tests, are teachers still on board?  What does the nation’s new majority-minority student population mean for classroom teachers? How are teacher colleges responding to new accountability pressures?

Participants in this two-day reporting workshop — co-hosted by the Michigan State University College of Education — will explore these questions and more with leading educators and journalists, including the authors of recent high-profile books on teaching. And reporters will take home blueprints for compelling stories that will bring to life the complex teacher-related trends playing out in their own communities.

We have a limited number of spots available for qualified reporters. I strongly encourage you to get your application in immediately. Start by filling out the form, and be sure to answer all of the questions. 


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