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Follow-Up Friday: Catch Up with EWA Radio

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for EWA Radio, the podcast I co-host with my EWA colleague Mikhail Zinshteyn. In case you missed the most recent episodes, you can catch the replays. (I’ve been told we make a fine accompaniment to walking the dog, moderate-paced elliptical trainer activity and even the occasional lunchtime Greek yogurt consumption.)

Veteran education reporter Kim Clark of Money magazine spoke with us about the formula used to create the publication’s  first-ever college rankings. The focus was on the student consumer’s “return on investment” for each institution. 

And investigative reporter Diane Rado of the Chicago Tribune shared the back story to her recent stories on Illinois lawmakers using their influence to interfere in the teacher licensing process. 

Have you come across an education story that particularly caught your attention, and you want to know more? We’d love to hear your suggestions for future EWA Radio guests. Feel free to email me at, or Mikhail Zinshteyn at 


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