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Follow-Up Friday: The Best Ed Stories of the Week

We’ve got a roundup of the some of the best stories this week by EWA members, and it’s going to provide plenty of interesting weekend reading. From a five-part series on absenteeism in Portland, Ore.’s public schools to the challenge of responding to sexual assault charges when students are studying abroad, it’s a diverse and thought-provoking roundup.

EWA members have also done a fine job reporting on the latest round of winter storms, including Toni Konz of the Louisville Courier-Journal. If you’d like to meet Konz, you can – she has a first-person piece this week about what it’s like to cover education in her area, along with a short video. I like this approach to community journalism: Readers are more likely to reach out to reporters with story ideas if there’s a familiar face (and voice) attached to the name. 

Like many reporters, Konz is active on Twitter, and parents and students frequently use it to ask her questions and get fast answers. If you are a education journalist, what steps are you taking to build your brand among your readers, particularly families? Are you using it to track down sources for stories, or solicit reaction to pieces already published? Have you added digital tools such as Storify to your repertoire? Let me know how you’re using social media to cover the education beat, and I’ll share them here. 



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