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Finding (And Keeping) Great Principals

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How much do you know about your district’s approach to hiring principals? Is there a cohesive effort to attract, train, and retain the most talented leaders? Or is it a scattershot approach that ultimately lets strong prospects slip away?

We’ll help you prepare to answers these questions (and many more) during our webinar this Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST: Ready to Lead: Covering the Next Generation of School Principals. 

In addition to discussing new research highlighting the best practices in principal recruiting and training, we’ll talk with Education Week’s Denise Superville, who recently completed an in-depth look at these important issues. Space is limited for the webinar, so be sure to register here

EWA also has a wealth of resources on school leadership, including our Topics Page on Leadership & Governance, 10 Questions to Ask, and Three Stories to Steal. You can also catch up with some recent blog posts: 

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And over at EWA Radio, we chatted with Chalkbeat Colorado reporter Kate Schimel about Denver’s battle to reduce principal “churn” and ensure schools have stable leadership.