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David Carr: ‘Keep Typing Until It Turns Into Writing’


New York Times media critic David Carr died suddenly last night. His death is a tremendous loss to his family and friends, but it’s also a loss to journalism. 

There will undoubtably be many remarkable stories written by the people who knew and loved David Carr. (I had the opportunity to meet him briefly in 2011, when he visited the Knight-Wallace Fellows at the University of Michigan. He was as smart and funny as you might imagine, as well as warm and kind.)

The New York Times’ tribute today includes The Quotable David Carr. My favorite might be from his commencement address to the graduates of the UC-Berkeley School of Journalism last spring:

Being a journalist, I never feel bad talking to journalism students because it’s a grand, grand caper. You get to leave, go talk to strangers, ask them anything, come back, type up their stories, edit the tape. That’s not gonna retire your loans as quickly as it should, and it’s not going to turn you into a person who’s worried about what kind of car they should buy, but that’s kind of as it should be. I mean, it beats working.