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Affirmative Action Comes to the Supreme Court

Learn more about the history of race-based and race-neutral admissions at the University of Texas at Austin. We’ll also fill you in on the court politics, related court cases, Ms. Fisher’s grades and other useful information. 

What are the key legal issues in this case? In this section, you’ll learn about two judicial concepts that are at the heart of Fisher. Long-term enrollment trends key data, analysis of previous relevant cases and a summary of the types of arguments you’ll hear during the oral arguments. 

This case has had a tremendous reaction from social scientists, many of whom have filed amicus briefs for and against race-based admissions standards. Here you’ll find summaries of recent studies that examine the many issues affecting minorities at universities, including graduation rates, “mismatch theory,” social cohesion, course selection, and more. This page will be updated regularly.

This organization is nothing without its writers. Catch up on some of the best articles and reports from regional and national reporters that parse the details of this contentious case.

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