The 2018 Eddie Prize

EdwinGould Foundation/Edwin Gould

The Education Writers Association is pleased to announce that it will again administer the Eddie Prize, the journalism prize from The Edwin Gould Foundation that recognizes the best work on the challenges low-income students face getting into and/or completing college. Finalists for the prize will be named by spring of 2019. The winner of the $7,500 cash prize will be announced during EWA’s 72nd National Seminar in May of 2019. The winner will also receive a bowler hat, a tribute to the namesake of the foundation, Edwin Gould, who, in his lifetime, was often photographed wearing that iconic hat.

Works That Are Eligible
A panel of judges will consider submissions that were printed, aired or published by any independent news media during the 2018 calendar year. Series that started during the 2017-2018 academic year are also eligible. Consistent with EWA rules, works by non-journalists, or works originally published by organizations not deemed independent news media, are ineligible. Works submitted in previous years are also ineligible. (See “Eligibility” in the Rules page for more specifics.) Please limit your entry to no more than four items. 

The Criteria
Judges will evaluate the entries for ingenuity of reporting and depth of analysis that uncovers, highlights or furthers the discussion about the challenges low-income students face, and problems or conditions related to their efforts to obtain a degree. Special attention will be paid to works that bring to life aspects of this issue that may not have previously come to the attention of the public.

How to Enter
Create an account on EWA’s awards website. There is no entry fee for the Eddie. However, an Eddie application does not automatically enter your submission in any other EWA awards contest. For those, you must enter separately, and pay the appropriate fee. 

For more information on the prize, contact EWA.

The Edwin Gould Foundation invests in programs that inspire young people to achieve their personal best while contributing to a stronger, more compassionate society. The Foundation’s mission is to reduce the achievement gap by empowering motivated yet underserved students through support of programs that provide academic remediation, enrichment, and leadership life skills resulting in their entrance to and graduation from college.