Higher Ed 2016 Theme
Accelerating Innovation: New Ideas for Colleges & Newsrooms

What new techniques and practices should higher education embrace to ensure that more students graduate? Join the Education Writers Association September 16-17 at Arizona State University to explore cutting-edge innovations that aim to address financial, academic, and social barriers.

Can new ways of paying for college — such as “income-share agreements” — and new models of outcomes-based funding for universities change the economics of earning a diploma? Can approaches that break down the barriers between academic departments more effectively help students learn? How are colleges using data about students’ experiences to guide them toward degrees?

These are some of the many questions postsecondary education faces this fall. For many people, higher education can be the highway to success. But on their paths to degrees, some students will face detours and potholes that could end their journeys before they reach their  destinations. The price of tuition and other expenses continue to climb. A shortage of advising and  other supports leaves many students struggling to find their way. And some students who leave college— either with degrees or without — find themselves unprepared for the workforce yet saddled with student loan debt.

Join EWA as we explore how postsecondary education is attempting to overcome these obstacles by experimenting with new ideas. Also, we’ll address other pressing issues in higher education to help busy journalists step up their coverage in the upcoming academic year.

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