EWA Seeks Hosts for Higher Education Journalism Seminars

The Education Writers Association is seeking proposals from research universities with a footprint in the higher education policy landscape to host the fall Higher Education Seminar in 2018 or 2019.

Hosting this EWA conference offers institutions an excellent opportunity to make their mark in the media by showcasing their expertise in post-secondary education in front of leading journalists from across the United States. EWA’s annual fall Higher Education Seminar is the primary professional training event for education reporters who specialize in postsecondary education, drawing dozens of journalists, scholars, policy analysts, newsmakers, education advocates, and others.

EWA’s Higher Education Seminar typically starts at noon on day one and concludes at 5 pm on day two. For scheduling purposes, EWA is particularly interested in coming to campus in autumn, keeping in mind the host’s academic and athletic calendars.

For more information on the benefits of hosting or to submit your proposal, contact