EWA Reporting Fellowships: Up to $10,000 for Ambitious News Projects on Education

The Education Writers Association is pleased to announce a call for proposals for its next class of EWA Reporting Fellows, in support of enterprising news coverage of education. The fellowships provide financial awards to journalists to undertake ambitious reporting and writing projects. This will be the 13th class of EWA Reporting Fellows. 

To date, EWA has supported more than 100 projects, resulting in a rich array of high-quality education stories in various media in communities across the country.

EWA selects reporting fellows through a competitive application process. Each fellowship comes with up to $10,000 to use toward a reporting project, as well as other assistance, an increase from the prior maximum of $8,000.

“The decision to increase the amount of the maximum fellowship award reflects both the consistently outstanding caliber of the projects produced by our fellows, as well as the increasingly challenging fiscal circumstances facing many newsrooms,” EWA Executive Director Caroline W. Hendrie said. “We are delighted to be able to continue supporting and encouraging the crucial work of education journalists.” 

Recipients will have significant flexibility in how to use the funds, including travel for reporting, relief from regular newsroom duties, and attending workshops. 

Fellows will generally be expected to complete and publish their projects by the close of the 2021-22 academic year. 

EWA is inviting proposals on a variety of timely and important topics. For more information on the specific topics that are of particular interest in this round, please carefully review our FAQ page. That document also includes other critical information for applicants.

The application deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. Fellowship recipients will be notified of their status by early December.