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As the professional organization for journalists and communicators covering education, EWA strives to provide the highest-quality events, training tools and one-on-one support for our members.

To better adapt to our members’ needs, we’d like to make sure we’re up to date on the profiles and demographics of the community we serve. Updating your information will help us see where the gaps are in our work, and make sure our content is targeting the members we know we have, not the members we think we have. 

Our profile update form includes demographic questions about race, gender, and sexual orientation. In each case, you are free to choose the “decline to state” option.

Declining to provide the information will not affect your EWA membership or benefits. However, volunteering this information will be greatly appreciated, as it will help EWA measure progress toward achieving our goal of serving the increasingly diverse and broad range of education writers.

Any reporting of this information will only be done in the aggregate, and individual information will remain strictly confidential.

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