EWA Announces Theme of 2020 National Seminar
The largest annual gathering of education writers will focus on Education, Journalism, and Democracy

The Education Writers Association is delighted to announce that “Education, Journalism, and Democracy” will be the theme of next spring’s National Seminar, and that we are welcoming suggestions for specific topics, speakers and training experiences to feature at EWA’s flagship annual conference. 

EWA expects to hold its 73rd National Seminar in late May in Orlando, Florida. The largest and most influential gathering of education journalists in the nation, the conference will explore an array of timely topics, with a thematic focus on the vital roles that education and journalism play in democratic societies.

As James Madison wrote in 1822, a democracy without access to information “is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both.” On the cusp of the 2020 election year, two crucial providers of information in our democracy — education and journalism — are facing mounting challenges and a host of pressing questions:

What happens to democracy when independent journalism is relentlessly attacked as “fake news,” or when “news deserts” crop up across the country? How is democracy affected when only a quarter of high school seniors can name the three branches of government? And how can journalists best highlight issues that raise profound questions about our civic life, from how seclusion rooms are abused to how lockdown drills are affecting students’ mental health?

EWA is inviting your suggestions for exploring these and other questions at the conference, which will feature sessions on consequential issues in education as well as training in journalism skills. More information on the conference dates and location — and information on registration and scholarships for eligible journalists — will be available in the coming weeks.

Questions? Email us.