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The IDEA Center Launches SoundIDEA Podcast
Episode focuses on exploring difficult topics in the classroom

Manhattan, KS – - Helping students explore potentially volatile topics is a goal of education – but it’s not always easy. With the United States Presidential Inauguration on the world’s radar, the “Difficult Topics” podcast episode takes a hard look at inherently divisive topics in today’s current climate and explores how to not only manage, but use such discussions for improving learning.

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Executive Functioning and Empowering Special Needs Students For College Success

Contact: Robin Gorman Newman,, 516-770-1611

Transitioning to college can be a challenge for any student, but this is particularly true for teens who learn differently.

Having to rely more on their own capacity for initiative and organization, students with Executive Functioning challenges often feel as if they’re fighting an uphill battle to become a collegiate self-starter.  Add ADHD, and college can become a campus for confusion, anxiety and disillusionment.

Enter Dr. Odey Raviv.

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Nieman Fellowships
Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University

The Nieman Foundation is now accepting applications for fellows in the class of 2018. Approximately 24 journalists from around the world will be selected to spend the 2017-2018 academic year at Harvard University, where they will audit classes with some of the university’s greatest thinkers, participate in Nieman programming and collaborate with peers. During their time at Harvard, Nieman Fellows attend seminars, shop talks, master classes and journalism conferences designed to strengthen their professional skills and leadership capabilities.