Education & the 2016 Elections

Although education did not figure prominently in the 2016 presidential election, the victory of Republican Donald Trump is expected to have important implications for policy and funding across the educational spectrum. The president’s choice for education secretary of Betsy DeVos — who narrowly won confirmation by the Senate — is widely seen as a clear signal that school choice will be a top educational priority of the new administration.


Demographics & Diversity

Is it possible to provide every child an equal education, to create classrooms where all students can learn effectively regardless of the multitude of differences each student brings to the schoolhouse every morning?


Education in the Trump Era

The election of Republican Donald Trump as president, coupled with the GOP’s success in retaining control of Congress for two more years, appears likely to reshape federal education policy in significant ways, from preschool to college. Already, Republican lawmakers have moved to repeal key Obama administration regulations on school accountability and teacher preparation. The Trump administration made waves by backing away from Obama-era guidance for schools on bathroom access for transgender students.